Published: Mar 15, 2013 6:30 PM EDT
Updated: Mar 15, 2013 6:37 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - Two cab drivers put the brakes on a scam and may have saved an elderly woman from losing thousands of dollars.

Both men, alerted authorities after they came into contact with the victim who thought she won the lottery and a new car.

The elderly victim apparently refused to believe she was getting taken advantage of. In both cases, she wanted the cab drivers to take her to the bank to get money for the con artist. 

Jackson Jackreece with ABC Taxi and Tony Strong with Bluebird Taxi have never met. But they both have one thing in common.

Jackson has known the 82 year old victim for almost a year. He's taken her on trips to the store. But one day, he noticed a change in her behavior. "She started talking about a money order how she won millions of dollars," he said.

He got suspicious when the woman told him she was sending a stranger thousands of dollars in the form of a money order. She hoped that would get her the big prize. "I contacted the police department, I contacted the bank and they were able to stop the transaction," he said.

Jackson says the woman was upset at him when he notified authorities, so she stopped using his company. Despite a report filed with the sheriff's office, and changing her phone number, almost a week later, she contacted Tony Strong with Blue Bird Taxi with the same story. 

She asked him to take her to the bank and Walmart.

"I feel like this lady's being scammed," Strong said.

Strong told Walmart security to put a hold on her money order and called the fraud unit.

"I pray to God she doesn't do it again, she doesn't have any family members and if it wasn't for the company I was working for, I wouldn't have an opportunity to stop her," he said.

WINK News has learned that scammers often try to develop a relationship with their victims and gain their trust, all the while, they turn the victim against their friends, law enforcement  and even their family.

Both men hope this woman has learned her lesson and will stop giving away her money.