Published: Mar 15, 2013 12:45 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Accused killer Shane Simpkins is expected to take the stand today. Simpkins is accused of killing Mary Ann Zarb in 2011.

This morning, Simpkins' attorney Steven Smith called several witnesses including Simpkins' own father. Most of the testimony, however, came from inmates at the Lee County Jail, including co-defendent Chris Neuberger.

Earlier in the week, Neuberger testified that he and Simpkins were performing handywork for Zarb, when Simpkins killed her. He said the two of them proceeded to drive around Suncoast Estates in Zarb's car with her body in the back before dumping the body near the Lee-Charlotte County line.

Investigators say the men then began spending Zarb's money, writing checks from her account and using her credit cards.

Inmate testimony today seemed to focus on how Neuberger's story differed when he told them about the crime while they were all incarcerated together.

According to inmate James Ingelido, who reported living in the same cell block as Simpkins and Neuberger, Neuberger implied he had more of lead role in the crime than Simpkins.

"I was trying to get Shane's attention from across the block... He looked sad... I said it looked like he was about to cry," Ingelido said on the stand. "Neuberger said, 'That's because he's a little (expletive). You should have seen him when I pulled the firearm and told him to help me with the body or I'd whack him too. He was begging for his life.'"

The trial could conclude as early as today, but a verdict is most likely tomorrow.