Published: Mar 13, 2013 6:49 PM EDT

Fort Myers Beach, Fla.- A group of firefighters is making spring break on Fort Myers Beach quite exciting!
But they aren't responding to an emergency, they are heating things up for a good cause.

"I never really did a spring break in college, so we're doing it now. It really is a whole lot of fun," said spectator, Ann Bosi.

These ladies have been coming year after year to watch the firefighters strut their stuff across a stage.
They call it the ultimate "girls day out."

"They are so fun! We are just a bunch of cougar ladies that come down to watch them. It's so fun and we know it's for a good cause," Jan McMullen tells WINK.

While some of these guys have two left feet, the dance moves are not just for entertainment.

"We do take dollars in our gear and our outfits and it goes to charity," said retired Cincinnati firefighter, Jeff Yount

This year, they're performing for the local Shriners Hospital.
Spectators are asked to fill a firefighter's boot with money, buy t-shirts and drink coozies.

"I think it's great these guys come down here, spend their time and give it all to charity."

This show has been an island tradition for 26 years, getting the crowd pumped up for the entire hour long show.

"Some of us can't actually dance that well, but when you see the stage show, you can see we aren't professionals, but we get together and rehearse and we try to do the best we can," said Yount

The firefighters will be here until the 20th performing every afternoon at 1:30.
Last year, they raised about $10,000.