Published: Mar 12, 2013 3:40 PM EDT
Updated: Mar 15, 2013 11:45 AM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. - "It's never a need. In an instance like this, it's a want. It's not essential but it's something that would enhance everybody's quality of life and just make for a more positive community," said Collier County Commissioner Georgia Hiller.

Collier County Commissioner, Georgia Hiller, said she would love to take her dog, Elizabeth Periwinkle Swann, to a county parl.

"It is something I know our family would enjoy, especially my kids, would love to take the dog to a dog park and spend time with them while they're playing."

So Commissioners on Tuesday asked the County's Parks and Recreation department to come up with an ordinance that allowing dog owners to bring their pets the park!

"What we'll bring back to the Board is a recommendation for changing the ordinance that allows dogs in our parks. It will also estimate costs associated with it, there are some costs additional costs in terms of maintenance and providing for people who want their dogs," said Barry Williams, Director of Collier County's Parks and Recrection department.

"The second step would be whether we can actually open dog parks within our regional parks. Where we would have a part designated where dogs could be let off their leashes to play, there'd be benches, it'd be a fenced area," said Commissioner Hiller.

Currently residents have only two options where pets can play off leashes.

"We just relocated down here and we met so many people at  this dog park so it'd be fantastic if there were other areas here the dogs can hang out," said dog-owner Tracy Rome.