Published: Mar 09, 2013 5:23 PM EST

FORT MYERS, Fla. - It's the question on the mind of political junkies throughout Florida. Will former Republican Governor Charlie Crist run for his old job as a Democrat?

The speculation continued Saturday morning as Crist spoke to the Democratic Women's Club of Lee County. It had the look and feel of a campaign stop as Crist touched on immigration, education and the environment, all Democratic talking points.

But Crist isn't letting anyone in on the secret.

"I'm thinking about it, I haven't reached any conclusion," Crist said when I asked him if he's running for Governor. Crist says he has no timetable for when he might make a decision.

Instead the former Governor says he's taking the pulse of Floridians. Saturday's visit to Fort Myers was Crist's first as a Democrat, which is fitting considering the role Fort Myers played in his political transformation. It was shortly after his hug with President Obama at Harborside Event Center that Crist left the Republican party.

Even before he switched, his former colleagues began attacking him.

"We're trying to remind Floridians and people of America who Charlie Crist really is," Kristen McDonald with the Republican Party of Florida said in September.

While Crist isn't saying if he's running, he is giving us a clue what might be a major part of his campaign. Remember the long lines on election day? Crist bragged about his executive order in 2008 to extend early voting. Governor Scott chose not to extend early voting in 2012 and took tremendous heat and criticism for the decision.

There's also growing speculation that Scott could face a primary challenge. Though Scott argues Florida's Real Estate and Job Markets have both made dramatic improvements under his leadership.