Published: Mar 08, 2013 10:51 PM EST

FORT MYERS, FL--We are on pace for what could be a record year for traffic deaths. Already, car crashes have claimed 31 lives this year. That's an average of three deaths a week since January 1st.

2013 has already proved to be extremely deadly on southwest Florida roadways. So far this year, 31 people have been killed in wrecks.

"It's scary. We're on a record pace that mirrors 2005 where we had 151 fatalities," said executive director of Stay Alive, Just Drive Jay Anderson.

Just since Sunday, 5 people have died in crashes that have been anything but minor.

"People don't pay attention, they don't take it seriously,," said driver Alizah Johnson.

"A lot of people are texting and driving and that is not the safe thing to do," said driver Steven Etienne.

The latest death was this morning down State Road 82. Police say Joseph Gulluscio was thrown from his vehicle trying to illegally pass another car.

Yesterday, a driver died after swerving off the road, crashing in to a concrete pole along pondella road and US 41.

"Every time you are behind that wheel and operating a motor vehicle, it is in fact a weapon," said Anderson.

On February 15th, an unborn baby died after an FHP trooper clipped a car on I-75, causing it to roll, sending three people to the hospital.

11 days later, another un-born child was killed after an ambulance slammed in to a car on Veronica Shoemaker Boulevard.  

6 people were sent to the hospital.

On march 3rd, an elderly couple died after a Lee County Sheriff's Deputy hit their car on Palm Beach Boulevard while responding to a call.