Published: Mar 06, 2013 7:59 PM EST
Updated: Mar 06, 2013 10:50 PM EST

NAPLES, Fla - Cuba is a destination that many people have always wanted to travel to and now that it's legal, there's a huge demand.

Preferred Travel in Naples has teamed up with General Tours to give you the "people to people" experience of Cuba.

Wednesday, Preferred Travel offered a presentation on traveling to Cuba and the demand was so high they added a second time slot.

It's just 90 miles south, but for years jet setting to Cuba hasn't been possible. "There's such a buzz about going to Cuba and most of us thought it would never be possible," says Wilma Boyd, President and CEO of Preferred Travel.

IN 2011, President Barack Obama eased restrictions on Travel to Cuba and opened up a door for people like Joe Bawduniak. "I don't like the term bucket, but yes, this has been on my list and we have traveled extensively, so this would be an addition to something we've wanted to do."

Bawduniak and his wife were two of dozens that turned out to learn more about Preferred Travel's all inclusive trips to Cuba.

"People look at it as the forbidden fruit," says Marilyn Ward, southeast regional account manager for General Tours. "They haven't been able to go there for years. They knew back from the 1950's it was a happening Caribbean place with wonderful entertainment where all the stars used to go."

Preferred Travel is offering four distinctive journeys, all starting in Havana. "All the itineraries are dedication to learning about the country of Cuba and mainly the people, what everyday life is all about," says Ward.

It's a once in a lifetime trip few have been on, but one Wilma Boyd expects to only grow in popularity.

"I think there will be greater demand as we go further along and more people go and come back and talk about it," says Ward.

Trips must be through organized tour groups and flights are chartered out of Miami.

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