Published: Mar 06, 2013 4:29 PM EST
Updated: Mar 06, 2013 5:09 PM EST

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - A victory for Cape Coral residents. Wednesday, more than a dozen people protested the construction of an assisted living facility, and won.

A land-owner wanted to build the facility in the middle of their neighborhood: on Southwest 17th Place, near Trafalgar Parkway and Chiquita boulevard. 

 "I'm happy with today's decision." Bri Ippolito just bought a house here. She says having to look at an assisted living facility every day would constantly remind her of her grandfather. "He passed away from Alzheimer's about a year ago and the memory care facility would literally be located directly in front of my house. The future nursery for my children oversees that location."

Mirabella Villas, LLC owns the property. Steve Darby with Darby engineering, represents the landowner. The project calls for a three-story, 81-unit assisted living facility along with a memory care facility. The plan would also include 3 other buildings with 10 units. 

Darby said the buildings would be buffered by trees and brings jobs to the area. But residents are concerned about increased traffic, ambulance noise, the environment, and a decrease in property values. 

"Safety. Cars whip around there as it is and just adding more to that is just a liability," said Maryellen Gross. 

"The thing like hazmat pickup hazmat drop off, oxygen to people that require it," said Robert Dillon.

Darby also says the elderly staying inside, wouldn't be allowed to drive, and would be under security. The planning and zoning committee said, a facility like this would benefit the city, but the location was not a good fit. 

Residents are relieved, but their fight may not be over just yet. The landowner could appeal this decision before city council.