Published: Mar 05, 2013 6:55 PM EST

Fort Myers Beach, Fl.- As kids on spring break fill Fort Myers Beach, there's a crackdown underway on underage drinkers. We found a handful of spring breakers trying to use fake i.d's. Bars and restaurants aren't tolerating minors who try to fool the system.  

Security: "Yeah buddy, you know this is fake right?  

We watched as those who aren't 21 and over, try to pass fake i.d's for real ones.

Security: "Birthday?

Minor: "February 2nd!"

Security: "Huh? Minor: "February."

Security: "February what?"

Minor: "February 2, 1990."

Security: "February 2nd?"

Minor: "1st!"

And in every case, it didn't work.

Security: "It's not even close, honey. Get out of here."

Minor: "Ok."

Bars like the Lani Kai have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to breaking the law.

"It's a huge liability if someone is caught here drinking underage, there could be lawsuits, injuries, and we're the responsible parties in it all," said Security Manager, Michael Clyne.

Security staff is trained to look for bogus driver's licenses. They say there are several ways to know if an i.d. is fake and it's all outlined in what they call "their bible."

"You can just reference the book if your not sure how an i.d. is suppose to look, what's suppose to be on there, what's not suppose to be on there, as far as holograms, water marks, fonts, pictures, ghost images and fine lines," said Clyne.

And just down the sand, Nemos on the beach follows the same policy.

"We definitely don't mess around, we i.d. 30 and under. I mean if you look under 30 we are going to ask for it," said Bartender, Ashley Glassi.

Both bars go through refresher courses to catch mischievous minors.

"She comes in, shows us the booklet of all the new i.d's that came out," explained Glassi.

 And security staff at the Lani Kai tells us, in the state of Florida, a fake i.d. can only be confiscated by police or sheriff's deputies.  The staff can only refuse service.