Published: Mar 05, 2013 10:20 AM EST
Updated: Mar 05, 2013 7:07 PM EST

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -- A Cape Coral man is behind bars on charges of attempted murder. Police say Jose Acevedo intentionally drove the family mini-van into the master bedroom, at 303 SW 16th Terrace, knowing his wife and young son were inside.

"Shocked! Like I said it really is a pretty quiet neighborhood you don't see or hear anything like this too much," said neighbor John Penn.

Police say Jose Acevedo crashed the family mini-van into the master bedroom with murder on his mind.  When that didn't work, police say he got out of the vehicle, went through the open garage and started and argument with his wfe Yolima Papa-Sanchez.

That's when police say he grabbed an aluminum baseball bat and beat her in the face and body in front of their little boy.

Pat Townsend lives across the street and heard it all.  "It was 20 after 6 actually, I looked at the clock and I heard screaming. A woman screaming. A lot. For a good two or three minutes," she said. "Repeated short screams. You know, not real long screams, but screaming and screaming."

She describes Acevedo as a quiet man, who would bring his son over and would even bring her family dinner.

Another neighbor, Ricky, also heard the commotion. "I heard a bump. A big bump and after that the sirens and all that," he said.

He says the couple would fight now and then, but he never suspected anything.  "I see sometimes a little altercation but nothing that you can say that is, would tell you, this is going to happen."

"They had her strapped to a gurney and they put her into an ambulance and they took her away," said Penn.

 The wife remains at lee memorial hospital in serious conditions with injuries to her skull, fractures to her arm and multiple lacerations. The couples little boy is staying with relatives, and was unhurt throughout all of this.