Published: Mar 04, 2013 10:48 PM EST
Updated: Mar 05, 2013 10:14 AM EST

FORT MYERS, Fla.- A scary situation for students at a Fort Myers High School. Last week police say a 15 year old student brought a gun on a school bus and threatened to use it during a fight, but then another student on the bus jumped in and helped get the gun away.

His classmates say he is a hero, but now he's also in a lot of trouble. Students tell us he has been suspended from school.

It happened last Tuesday after football practice at Cypress Lakes High School

"It's an incident that shouldn't have happened," said student Vince Patino.

Two 15-year old high schoolers on the bus going home started arguing when, according to deputies, a student noticed a gun in the others lap.

Police say the teen with the gun started challenging the other to fight, so the other kid hit him and then other students on the bus were able to help wrestle the gun away.

"He probably disarmed the situation that could have gotten out of hand a lot more," said student Stephen Bellman.

No one called for help and eventually the teen who brought the gun, went home with it. That's when deputies were called and found the .22 caliber gun in the teenagers bedroom and arrested him.

But then, what kids here are calling an unfair twist, the student who tried to disarm that teenager is in trouble for being in a fight.

"This kid was trying to stop another kid from shooting a kid so why should he have to get in trouble," said Patino.

Lee Public  Shools have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to violence. District officials released a statement today saying the students "Refused to cooperate."

Parents and students we talked to were also upset the district didn't formally notify them of the incident.

"I think that is wrong, they should have informed every body," said Patino.

The teenager who deputie's say had the gun on the bus was arrested for possession of a firearm and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The school district said they have new information to complete a picture of what happened that day, but will not release it because of confidentiality. District officials plan to discipline all the students involved.