Published: Mar 04, 2013 10:44 PM EST
Updated: Mar 04, 2013 11:43 PM EST

LEE COUNTY-Fla.-Documents reveal what Lee County School district employees said Dr. Joseph Burke was trying to cover up about Dr. Deedara Hicks.

In  August 2011 a Lee County school district employee wrote:

"I grabbed her purse and saw two small bottles of wine in her purse (one bottle empty and the other full)"  after a cabinet meeting at the district headquarters.

The same employee said later that day "she attempted to put her shoes on and put them on the wrong foot."

That same day another district employee, an Executive Secretary, talks about finding Dr. Hicks in her car in the parking lot:

"Dr. Hicks was slumped over in the passenger's seat, was not moving and appeared to be unconscious"

Just last month, the state decided not to take action against Hicks.

Dr. Burke said the accusations stemmed from a disgruntled employee and he tried to have the investigation suspended.

That's what the state is now looking into.

Dr. Burke said, "As far as I am concerned I did nothing wrong in fact I acted appropriately in terms of protecting the district and the possibility of other violations and lawsuits."

Former school board member, Bob Chilmonik, said allegations that Burke covered for Hicks are politcally motivated .

"Some of the charges were libilous and slanderous in my opinion that were made against her."

"Dr. Burke said, "It is discouraging to keep having to go back to these distracting issues that are not relevant to educating the students in lee county."