Published: Mar 01, 2013 5:02 PM EST
Updated: Mar 01, 2013 5:59 PM EST

CAPE CORAL, Fla.- The wife of a local business owner Alvin Fails opened up to WINK News about the motorcycle crash that killed him yesterday afternoon. In an even more heartbreaking twist, we now know she is five months pregnant with their first child, and was on her way to the doctor when the accident happened.

Brittnie Fails drove past the scene just a couple of minutes after the crash.

"I get over it for a little bit, then it hits me again. I am trying to stay calm, but it's just so hard," she said.

Alvin and Brittnie Fails were driving separately to a doctor's office, to find out the sex of their baby. She was in a car, a few blocks behind Alvin, and passed the crash site. As the video from the News-Press shows, the punctured gas tank on the motorcycle caught on fire, burning up the Ford Expedition.

"We drove by and we saw the  man on the ground, and I didn't want to think it was him. I asked my friend, 'What color was the motorcycle?' Then we turned around," Brittnie explained. "I was just sitting there saying, 'It's not him. It's not him,' but they said, 'It's a large man.' And my husband was a large man. Then they said, 'The man is bald.' And he was bald. Then the EMT told me his name. They would not let me see him in the ambulance, all I saw were his little socks."

"He was just a good man. Everybody loved him," Brittnie said.   

The family of the woman who was driving the Ford Expedition says she was not physically hurt, but relatives tell us she is very shaken up.  

Police continue to investigate to determine who was at fault.