Published: Feb 28, 2013 6:03 PM EST
Updated: Mar 01, 2013 2:34 PM EST

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - A crash on Veterans Parkway between Chiquita and Skyline in Cape Coral left two people dead and shut down the road Thursday night. Two cars were involved in the crash and the impact was so strong, it flipped both vehicles onto their roofs.

"Me and my grandma were driving to Kohl's and the next thing, we hear this boom," one witness said. "We turn around and there are two cars flying in the air. It was crazy."

Drivers on Veterans Memorial Parkway say it happened so quickly.

"It was really loud so the first thing we did was get out and start checking on everybody," Crystal Vandevender said.

Cape Coral Police say around 5:20 Thursday afternoon, a Hummer collided with minivan. Both vehicles flipped onto their roofs. A tire from the hummer was more than 50 yards away.

"It was literally metal crashing," a witness said.

"We helped get the 5 year-old and the dad out of the Hummer and just made sure they were okay," Vandevender said. "The dad doesn't remember anything and the kid was in shock."

They were transported to the hospital. But, the two adults inside the minivan were killed.

"This is up there with some of the worst ones I've seen," Chief Jay Murphy said.

Police say the Hummer may have been driving recklessly. "From what I'm told, it was totally senseless," Murphy said. "There was no need for this to have occurred. We'll look at it, we'll investigate it, and if there's charges to be brought, of course, we will get with the State

"It was a pretty hard hit and it was really loud so they had to be going fast," Vandevender said.

Veterans Memorial Parkway was closed throughout the night as investigators pieced together the crash. Neighbors say speed on this road is a problem.

"From Skyline to Chiquita, it's straight," Terry Towler said. "It's like, when that light
says green,  they go. This is so sad, with two of them like that."

Cape Coral Police are investigating this as a traffic homicide. The speed limit on Veterans Parkway is 50 miles per hour. Whether or not speed was factor, Chief Murphy says all drivers, especially during this busy time of year, need to take it slow.