Published: Feb 27, 2013 8:56 PM EST

New details are emerging from the day a garbage truck caught on fire and ignited a nearby r.v. burning it to the ground at the Red Coconut R.V. Park on Fort Myers Beach.

In a story you will only see on WINK, we learn the owner of the r.v. is not satisfied with what's being done. The family tells us, they are not happy with the settlement made by the garbage truck company responsible for the fire.  

"They made an offer to us yesterday and it was so cheap," said Fernand Boutin.

Fernand Boutin has declined an offer made by Advanced Disposal, the garbage truck company responsible for the fire on February 7th.

"I need to buy new clothes, it's more than that, eat, we have to eat at restaurants because we don't have anything to eat," said Boutin.

He said all the company has given him is a rental car and a check for $500.00.

"What do you do with $500 when you have nothing? I had only $5.00 in my pocket."

Advanced Disposal released a statement to WINK saying in part- "The company is working with the Boutin family and their insurance carrier to properly and fairly compensate the family for their damages, including the cost of the camper, the r.v. and personal effects."

But Fernand says he doesn't agree with that statement.

"I'd like them to give us what I asked for yesterday. If they give us that we go back to Canada and we be happy," said Boutin.

Fire investigators say the cause was mechanical failure in the garbage truck's engine.

Fernand did make the garbage truck company a counter offer, however, this morning we've learned that offer was not accepted.