Published: Feb 25, 2013 6:45 PM EST
Updated: Feb 25, 2013 6:50 PM EST

Fort Myers Beach, FL.- The coastline of Fort Myers Beach is about to get even more packed as spring breakers make their way to the sand and with red tide a prominent problem crews are working hard to clean up the dead fish!

According to the public works director for Fort Myers Beach, starting tomorrow three to five additional workers will be out picking up the dead fish. The town is also looking into adding more dumpsters and trash pick-ups. The town is also talking to the Tourism Development Council in case emergency money is needed for clean up.

"Try to avoid them, try not to step on them, try to protect your feet when your out at the beach," said Fort Myers Beach Fire Captain, Ron Martin.   

Dead fish can be seen washing on shore a long the 6-miles of sand that lines Fort Myers Beach.

"The biggest thing people need to be aware of is these are dead fish carcases and they carry bacteria which can be a potential source of infection," explained Martin.

Martin says the crews responded to more calls this past weekend from people stepping on the dead fish.

"If you step on one, or get stung, call 911 if necessary or followup with a local health care provider in case you need a tetanus shot or antibiotics."

One fishing captain we spoke to says the fish are baking in the sun causing them to decompose and handling them can be dangerous.

"The red tide isn't going to hurt these kids on the beach, it's dangerous basically to throw those fish because they have venomous spines," said Captain Rob Modys.

Beach goers say they are keeping an eye out and watching exactly where they step.

"Today, I think we saw more dead fish than we have in past several days."

"This is our third year and the past 2 years I haven't seen as many dead fish on the beach, but this year I am seeing a few."