Published: Feb 23, 2013 12:01 AM EST

FORT MYERS, FL--The sequester cuts would hit the TSA meaning longer security lines and customs, meaning longer waits to get back into the country on international flights.

Ask pretty much  anyone in an airport about flight delays and you'll usually get a pretty negative response.

"It messes your schedule up," said flyer Tyler Donovan.

"Time is precious," said another flyer Joe Orlando.

If the sequester hits, those impatient travelers may have to suffer even more. The FAA would have to cut more than $600 million from their budget and cut hours for air traffic controllers which would cause even more delays inside the airport and on the tarmac.

"Ugh, are you kidding me? It takes so long to get through now," said Lyn Orlando.

The Transportation Security Administration would also make cuts and give their 50,000 employees up to 7 un-paid furlough days causing more delays through security.

"I am astounded that our current representative government cant do it's job," said Jeff Gordon.

Outside the airport, the impact could be even bigger. Throughout Fort Myers and Cape Coral, 2,400 people work for the federal government.

FGCU economic professor, Dr. Gary Jackson, says most of them work for the post office and the FAA.

"If they cut back on spending the fear would be that it means reductions in spending which means a  reduction of income for others in the region as well," said Jackson.

Dr. Jackson says if these furloughs last a while, the impacts could have a reverse effect on the economic recovery.

"That could slow the recovery and potentially create some issues for us in terms of how fast we are  able to recover," he said.

The furloughs wouldn't all kick in at once-they would be implemented over the coming months, but the TSA would also have to enforce a hiring freeze.