Published: Feb 22, 2013 6:01 PM EST
Updated: Feb 22, 2013 6:05 PM EST

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla.- Outdoor retail displays are causing quite the commotion on Fort Myers Beach. Code enforcement did a sweep to make sure store owners are following the rule- only having two outdoor displays in front of a store.

At 1901 Estero Boulevard sits a quaint, little shop called Salty Dog, owned by Carla Pine.  

"We only have seven seconds to attract the attention of the people passing by and the way you do that is business 101, color and movement," said Carla Pine.  

Last week, she and 25 other business owners received this letter, saying their outdoor displays are violating a Fort Myers Beach town ordinance. 

"I thought, here we go again with code enforcement. We tend to have selective code enforcement on the beach," said Pine.

The salty dog doesn't have a permit allowing her to have an outdoor display.  

"I thought I will get my permit when everyone else gets there permit."  

Carla knows she isn't following the rules, but said her display is what keeps her from being invisible.  

"My rug display brings in 90% of my customers. It has color, moves with the wind, attracts their attention and brings them in."  

Community Works Director, Walter Fluegel says, these displays are meant to let passersby know what's inside a store , not to move their whole store outside.  

"I'm not going to cover up my whole space to not be seen, the point is to be seen," explained Pine.  

The code says a store can have two outdoor displays, such as a clothing rack and a mannequin, two mannequins or a even a table and a clothing rack, which ever combination the store owner prefers.  

"In the meantime, I will do my permit, I will do it begrudgingly because I'm sure 45-55% of the people wont do it."

Business owners have 10 days to comply from the date they received the letter. If they don't, they will have to go before the magistrate. No fines have been issued.