Published: Feb 21, 2013 10:40 PM EST
Updated: Feb 21, 2013 10:48 PM EST

FORT MYERS, FL--We're getting more complaints from a Fort Myers tax refund service that Call for Action first told you about two weeks ago when customers were complaining they were charged more than they were told.

Now, other customers of LBS Tax Service say the business' doors are locked and they are stuck.

Nader Khabbaz used LBS Tax Service last week to file his family's taxes and he says it was a process that only took 15 minutes.

He says LBS never gave him any kind of receipt or a copy of his tax return.

"I have nothing to show that I did my paperwork for last years taxes," said Khabbaz.

When he picked up his refund from "The  Check Cashing Store" earlier this week, he says LBS still had all his documentation.

He says he drove to the company only to find a cease and desist order posted on the locked door.

"We were furious, we were furious, we were like where did our money go, is this a scam?" said Khabbaz.

The City of Fort Myers Chief Code Enforcement Officer Michael Titmuss says they temporarily shut down LBS after they posted hundreds of signs illegally across the city. He says they will be closed and charged $250 a day until all the signs are taken down.

"As of today, that fine would total approximately $2000," said Titmuss.

One customer, who didn't want us to use her name, says she filed her taxes with LBS more than a month ago and still has no refund check.

"I am thinking they may have taken my money," she said.

We called LBS only to get a recording of them saying staff will be back in the office on Friday.

Khabbaz is worried about LBS keeping his family's tax documents and information. He says the whole ordeal will cost him more, because he will now pay for identity theft protection.

"I feel like that the stress doesn't equal the amount of money we are getting," said Khabbaz.

Customers who have issues against LBS are told to file complaints with the IRS.

Click Here to learn how to file a complaint with the IRS.