Published: Feb 20, 2013 7:20 PM EST

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. -  One million dollars will go into fixing what the Lee County Department of Transportation deems the most damaged roads in Lehigh Acres.

"When I see a road like that I wont even drive on it," said resident Catherine Albertson.

Lee DOT says it would take nearly 80 million dollars to fix all the roads in Lehigh Acres.

"When they started developing this area, that's probably one of the things they weren't really up on," said Lehigh Resident George Szymanski.

With the current budget of about a million dollars 73 roads can be resurfaced this year.

"We take a look at all the requests that come in and we evaluate then relative to each other. Get the worst of the worst done," said Deputy Director of Lee County DOT Randy Cerchie.

Lee County DOT mapped out the worst roads using computer logistics in-person evaluations and community complaints.

"There are some sections that are a little better than others, we have about 1,500 requests," said Cerchie.

Albertson says it took years to get the road in front of her home repaired stating, "The roads are bad and our road where I live was real bad. I mean, there was grass growing on our road. We just kept asking the city, asking the city and they finally came and paved it."

Others say the county is successfully chipping away at a large problem.     

"There's a lot more to do but the DOT is really doing a fantastic job," said Szymanski.    

According to Lee County DOT, resurfacing is already underway and will continue over the next six months.