Published: Feb 19, 2013 10:38 AM EST

ENGLEWOOD, Fla.-  The Sheriff’s Office’s District 1 Office will be temporarily relocating beginning on Wednesday February 20 to the Town Center Mall while the normal office location is undergoing construction.

The District Commander LT Darrell Caparo and his immediate administrative staff will begin packing up their offices at 6868 San Casa Blvd in Englewood on Wednesday and moving into temporary facilities at the District 2 Offices located at Town Center Mall. The actual demolition and reconstruction will begin on Friday February 22. The Englewood office location is expected to be closed until at least March 1 or perhaps longer.

Anyone who needs to contact District 1 office personnel can still call the regular administrative number at (941) 475-9005 beginning Thursday as that number will be re-directed to the mall office. Due to the packing and moving on Wednesday, that number may not be available. 

Road patrol will be temporarily meeting at another county-owned building in the Englewood area so that law enforcement services will continue without disruption. Calls for service will continue as usual.