Published: Feb 13, 2013 5:14 PM EST

ENGLEWOOD, Fl. - Rescue crews found dead, and filthy animals crowded in a home in Englewood.  More than 30 pets are now recovering at shelters but workers are now calling this one of the worst cases of hoarding they've seen.

The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office stepped in to investigate.

 These are just two of seven dogs Mary Curtis and her staff here at Englewood Animal Rescue Sanctuary took out of a home Tuesday afternoon.  She says the living conditions there were horrible.

"It was just a bathroom, the entire house was just septic with just feces all around it was just a toxic horrible environment for these animals," she says.

But it's what these dogs, 25 cats and several other animals were living in.  Curtis says the owner had been to E.A.R.S. several times in the past.

"when someone comes in you don't know what their actual living conditions are at home," she says.

Lt. Scott Ortner with Sarasota County Sheriff's Office Animal Services says officers stopped by the owner's home about a week ago. 

"The women there failed to tell us that there were some dead animals in the house and that the rest of the house was really bad," he says.

While it's a sad situation, Lt. Ortner says most likely, there won't be an arrest because the owner should never have been allowed to own pets in the first place.

"Her health was deteriorating and she was then unable to care for the animals... we're still investigating but I don't anticipate any charges coming up because of the woman's mental condition," he says.

"It's neglect, even though they might be in a house but they're just in horrible living conditions," Curtis adds.

Folks at E.A.R.S. say their work has just begun.  All the animals need extensive medical evaluations before they can be adopted.

Any way the community can step up will help