Published: Feb 12, 2013 6:39 PM EST
Updated: Feb 12, 2013 11:48 PM EST

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- Healthpark Medical Center security officials filed a report with the Lee County Sheriff's Office concerning a woman asking suspicious questions at the hospital on Monday.

Hospital system spokeswoman Mary Briggs says, "we train our staff to always be looking for safety concerns."

Around 11:45 a.m. Monday, a sheriff's office report says a woman wearing hospital-style scrubs asked a nurse some alarming questions.

The report says, "the woman was asking questions concerning the maternity wards, where they were located and where the children were kept. the female also was asking why the doors to get into the children's areas were locked."

Briggs says, "those are odd questions and so she brought it to security's attention who wanted to make sure we took the next most appropriate step, so we notified the sheriff's office."

She says there was no security breach and no one was in danger, but they take every unusual inquiry seriously. She also says they have many security measures in place. "We do have certain high risk areas that are locked down and you need a special card to get into or you have to be buzzed in if you are a visitor, and we do have security cameras."

The report also states, "the nurse said the scrubs did not have any Lee Memorial logos and she is not equipped with a security ID badge."

Briggs adds, "this is just a suspicion that came up, the woman may have had very legitimate reasons for asking those questions but once it became a concern, we needed to take it to the next step."

She says security did see the woman leave the hospital and they alerted other local hospitals. These type of situations happen about 2-3 times a year, she says.

The sheriff's office says the woman has been identified and interviewed.  They say the circumstances are not of a criminal nature and no longer deemed suspicious.