Published: Feb 12, 2013 5:13 PM EST
Updated: Feb 12, 2013 6:41 PM EST

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. - Soon veterans in Charlotte County may get some prime parking.  Tuesday, commissioners discussed putting signs reserving spots for wounded warriors around the county.

 Leaders want to send a message of support and thanks to these local heroes.

Marine Corp veteran John Noone says, you can't put a price on freedom.  While he's not a wounded warrior himself...

"They should have a place for those guys to park," he says.

It's what County Commissioner Stephen Deutsch is trying to make happen.

At Tuesday's meeting, he proposed leaders find funding to place signs at prime spots around the county so local heroes would always have a prime space to park.

"So often people tend to take for granted the sacrifices that the men and women who serve in our military make.  And this is just a small way that the county can turn around and say hey, we appreciate what you folks have done," he says.

"I agree 100 percent, we pay enough for everything else we can pay a couple bucks for some signs," says Noone.

Commissioner Deutsch wants at least 24 signs at places like the county administration building and the library.

The cost would be about 26 thousand dollars, covering a sign making machine Deutsch says the county already needs.  He says the reserved parking signs would be based on an honor system.

"There are a lot of veterans that aren't disabled that are walking around with bullets and shrapnel in their body and they've been out there and they've made that sacrifice and i just think its appropriate that we do something like this," he adds.