Published: Feb 12, 2013 7:18 PM EST

Commissioner Donna Fiala had a glimmer of hope these cameras found at ten different Colier County intersections would stay put.

"Why would you protest being safer? Do you have an answer for that?" said Commissioner Fiala.

The answer came from three other Commissioners who voted to deny Fiala's proposal to keep the cameras and the agreement with American Traffic Solutions. It was a decision already made in December. Commissioners voted the lights would come down at the end of the month.

"I have no doubt it changes peoples behavior and the way they approach an intersection but it doesn't always make our intersection safer," said Commissioner Nance.

One expert, who told Commissioners he's studied the numbers for Collier County, said the number of accidents at intersections before the cameras were installed and after, did not change. 

"You know what you can get the numbers to say anything you want them to say," said Commissioner Fiala.

But Commissioner Tim Nance said even though the cameras will be gone, they'll still work to keep drivers safe.

"If we synchrnoize them and our traffic through them in a real good way, then we have less changes in synchronization and less accidents," said Commissioner Nance.