Published: Feb 11, 2013 8:59 PM EST
Updated: Feb 11, 2013 11:05 PM EST

CAPE CORAL-Fla.-"I got an email two days ago that said she was alright and they were having a great time and they were on their way back to Galveston and soon after the engine fire happened and everything was cut off."

That's when fear set in for Joe Eckert. His fiance, Dee Tucker is on board the Carnival Triumph with 31-hundred other passengers 
Tucker listed her fiance as her emergency contact.
Eckert never imagined Carnival Cruise would actually have to call him.

"I was nervous because a ship board fire when you are in the Gulf of Mexico is not a good thing so I was worried about that and worried about the safety of the other passengers and her sister is with her as well. You know I had to contact all our family members and her work letting them know she would not be in at the scheduled time."
The 44-year old is a Patient Care Coordinator for Lee Memorial Hospital.

Carnival Cruise said in a new statement, "Technicians restored some power to the ship's lido buffet, allowing for limited hot food service and coffee. Plus, public and cabin toilets are working in some areas of the ship."

"I imagine they are probably pretty frustrated though." 

In November of 2010 an engine fire happened on-board another Carnival Cruise ship. That vessel was also stranded for three days with thousands on-board.    

"They get a free cruise coming up that is what Carnival is taking care of so you never know. We thought about doing a cruise for my birthday in November so I would be up for it."