Published: Feb 11, 2013 5:20 PM EST
Updated: Feb 11, 2013 5:25 PM EST

Fort Myers Beach, Fla.- WINK News has the 911 call made last week when a fire ripped though the Red Coconut R.V. Park on Fort Myers Beach. In it, the caller describes how close the flames were to nearby r.v's. One family watched their entire r.v. burn to ashes.

Dispatch: "Ambulance and fire- what is your emergency?"

Caller: "Fire- Red Coconut R.V Park, Estero Boulevard, Fort Myers Beach Florida."

You are listening to the 911 call from inside the Red Coconut R.V. Park as fire engulfed a garbage truck and an RV on Fort Myers Beach.

Caller: "It's close to several RVs."

Dispatch: "So, it is threatening several RVs?"

Caller: "Oh yeah."

Fire crews were dispatched to the park last Thursday when a garbage truck picking up trash, suffered a mechanical failure in the fuel or hydraulic line.

Dispatch: "Is the person who was driving the truck out of it?"

Caller: "Yes, he is."

The liquid shot onto the hot engine igniting the blaze.

Dispatch: "There is no one trapped, right?"

Caller: "No."

One family's RV was lost in the fire and burned to the ground.

Dispatch: "We have units on the way there. Don't try to put the fire out, don't try to get anything in the vehicle."

Caller: "Alright."

Today, WINK stopped by to see how Fernand Boutin and his family are doing just days after watching their belongings burned to ashes.

"These people seem so concern to help us. They give us money, they give us food. It's so great, I never saw that before," said Boutin.

Boutin said the fact that no body was hurt is all that matters.

"We can replace everything. The only thing I can't do right now is play golf. I have to go buy new clubs."

This is what' s now in the place where Fernands RV once stood.

Red Coconut owners tell WINK, Veolia Environmental Services, is taking responsibility for the fire.