Published: Feb 08, 2013 10:54 PM EST

A Fort Myers Beach family has a unique sense of decoration, but the centerpiece of their decor is missing something. It got snatched up from right under their watch and they thought it was gone until they spotted it in a most unusual place.     

Tina is a bronze, outdoor mannequin.

"My wife would have fun changing her clothes with the different seasons. She's outside all year and she even got to be dressed up as Monica Lewinsky during the Clinton era," said owner Pat Mullin.

This picture shows Tina at her best with a wig and a head full of curly hair.

"What you don't see right now is the long, auburn wing. She had hair down to her shoulders."

Today, Tina has a new image. She's bald thanks to a flying culprit that had a birds eye view of what he wanted.

"On Saturday morning we heard a loud noise on the deck and we come to look. We saw an osprey had dived down, knocked the hat and glasses onto the deck and grabbed the wig and took off across the water to the osprey's nest!" explained Mullin.

This clever winged creature turned in the roughness of twigs on her roost, for the comfort of the head carpet.

"By the time I saw her fly away with the wig, I wasn't sure what I was looking at," said Mullin.

The osprey snatched her hairpiece for her hideaway right out from under Tina's hat.

"It made her look more attractive, I mean she has lost a little in her looks with being bald."

This famous filament now dangles over the side of a foul's nest.

"You can actually see the wig from here in the ospreys nest. We still get a chuckle everyday because you can see the wig, it's not where it belongs," Mullin said.

But good news for Tina, she'll be getting a new set of locks.

"It's temporary! We have to get her a new wig, but maybe fix it on her a little but more permanently."

Tina was bought by the Mullins back in 1995 at a garage sale in Sarasota.