Published: Feb 08, 2013 11:21 PM EST
Updated: Feb 08, 2013 11:44 PM EST

A mother is scared to death of her own son and she thinks he needs severe mental help. The 14 year old student from Mariner Middle School who was arrested on the school bus with a gun and a taser earlier this week and is now in juvenile detention.

Hope, her husband and her 6 year old son say they constanly live in fear.

"We take him and put him in the bed with us because we need to make sure us three stay safe," said Hope.

They try to stay safe from her other son Edward--a bi-polar 14 year old. dwards mom says he refuses to take  his medications and that leaves him highly unpredictable.
"I can't come out to the living room;  I don't know if he wants to fight one of us one day," she said.

Edward is now in juvenile detention after five run-ins with the law in the past week. His mother says a psychiatrist at Lee Mental Health has given her son a prescription, but his mother says he needs to be watched around the clock and she feels no one will help.

Lee Mental Health wouldn't talk about Edward specifically, but talked about their approach to situations like this.

"Someone could exhibit certain behaviors that maybe deemed inappropriate, violent, out of context for a particular situation and not have a mental illness" said Stacey Cook with Lee Mental Health.

Hope says her son is mentally ill. Psychiatrist Dr. Omar Rieche says Florida is one of the lowest ranking states for access to mental healthcare and that can be dangerous for the patient and everyone around him.

"The course of someone that has bi-polar with aggression can be very, very lethal," said Rieche.

That leaves a mother and family scared for their lives and for others. During the Sandy Hook shooting, Hope saw her son in Adam Lanza's rampage.

"He could go to school and kill people. he could kill people," said Hope.