Published: Feb 05, 2013 5:28 PM EST
Updated: Feb 05, 2013 6:22 PM EST

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. - Some unwanted guests are going "hog wild" through Charlotte County neighborhoods! They're tearing up yards and causing thousands of dollars in damage especially in the Deep Creek area.  

Trappers say they gets ten to twelve calls every week to try and nab these wild pigs.

It looks like a bad landscaping job.  But it's a common site throughout this Deep Creek neighborhood. 

"They just absolutely terrorize the landscape... there's pretty much an epidemic of hogs," says Jack Keyworth.

He's a licensed trapper and says in Deep Creek alone, they've captured about 200 hogs in the last year.

Keyworth has been working with local property managers to try and clean up the problem.  Setting up traps through out the area.  Kim Jakubaitis says she sometimes gets calls daily about hog damage.

"You try to repair it and within the next day the hogs will come back and tear it up again so its a vicious cycle," she says.

And the problem isn't just above ground. 

"They are our drainage so when they go in and start rooting around and making big holes, they're also affecting our drainage," she adds.

Causing thousands of dollars in damage... and a scary situation for homeowners.

"When a 250, 300 pound hog comes chasing you that has tusks this long, they'll just tear you up," Keyworth adds.

"We did see three big wild pigs... I swear they had to be about 200 pounds, they were huge! You don't want to mess with those wild pigs," says homeowner Michael Litsky.

If you see a trap, trappers ask you to stay away because you could get hurt and your scent could throw the pigs off and spoil the trap.