Published: Feb 05, 2013 6:22 PM EST
Updated: Feb 05, 2013 6:23 PM EST

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla.- Renovations are in the works for Times Square on Fort Myers Beach. Plans to improve the colorful sidewalk pavers have now been approved. The real issue to sprucing up the island image will be the underground utility lines that service the island.

Times square is the center of Fort Myers Beach will be undergoing a much needed makeover and tourist visiting the area recognize it's a change that needs to be made.

"Fantastic news! Yeah, it's really showing wear and tear," said Tim Kottcamp.

Renovations are on the table for the colorful pavers that line the sidewalks.

"It really needs a makeover. If you look around there is a lot of wear and tear and even some broken pieces I notice," said Kottcamp.

It's still lined with older pavers that date back to 1996, the original installation date. Wink is told the foundation is starting to give in a few places.

"The bigger element is we have a concern is there is utility work that needs to be done underground there," said Town Manager Terry Stewart.

Underneath the colorful sidewalks are utility lines that provide service to the island.

Town manager, Terry Stewart said there are issues with the underground water line and the storm water infrastructure.

"Our desire is to go in and correct that issue, to correct whatever utility issues are underground at the time and put a higher quality pavement that will be much easier to take care of," said Stewart.

Fort Myers Beach town council has approved to move forward with the planning stages. The hope is to complete the paving project and to fix the utility lines all at one time

"We don't want to put the businesses, especially the ones that operate there, we don't want them to go through something like that twice."

The project is expected to be complete in a year.