Published: Feb 05, 2013 7:11 PM EST

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Parents have a chance to voice concerns over a lack of sidewalks near a Cape Coral elementary school. For the sake of safety, the city is proposing adding sidewalks to three streets near Pelican Elementary. The city and school district want to apply for a grant to make this a reality.

Some parents like Laura Lane fear no sidewalk means no safety.
"We have a little one that's walking every day and sometimes we bring the baby with us, it's a safety concern," Lane said.
When the bell signals the end of a school day at Pelican Elementary, children often walk or ride bikes alongside vehicles. "It's frustrating because it's a school zone and they don't follow the speed limit, and you know. And even when these guys are walking down the street, even with us adults, you never know what you're going to get," Lane said.

Matthew Nee has six children attending the school. Although he drives to pick them up, he worries about those who walk on the side of the road. "I think that in today's world when we need to keep our kids as safe as we can, anything we can do to increase safety is critical," he said.

The city of Cape Coral, along with the Lee County school District want to apply for a Safe Route to School grant to build sidewalks within two miles of the area. If approved, the grant worth $190,000 would fund the construction of sidewalks on SW 32nd Terrace, SW 3rd Avenue and SW 37th Lane.

Louise Eldred's granddaughter is a student. She says she has a lot of questions and plans on asking them tonight.

 "I'm curious as to how they are going to do that. Are they going to make the streets one way after they put in the sidewalks? Or are they going to make the sidewalks by taking people's property?" she asked.

According to the school district, more than 400 children attend and live within a two mile radius of the school. The city and school district need to apply for the grant by March, but won't know if it's accepted until November.