Published: Feb 02, 2013 9:17 AM EST

Drinking on Fort Myers Beach has been a hot topic for quite sometime. In just about a month, you will be able to enjoy your favorite beverage on the beach where once before you couldn't. There will be certain bars that will no longer tell you "no" when stepping out onto the sand with a drink in your hand.

"I'm waiting for March 4th, so we can literally become Nemos on the Beach," said Manager Thomas Christopher.

Things will soon be changing for those of you who want to enjoy a cold beverage closer the water.

"We have to turn away a lot of customers because a lot of customers come up to our bar and want to take drinks out on the beach. We have to regretfully tell them we can't because we will get a fine and we will lose our liquor license," said Christopher.

The Town of Fort Myers Beach has started to issue permits for beach front businesses that want to sell alcohol on the sand.

"I don't see a problem with drinking on the beach as long as there are trash cans for everyone's trash and everything's kept under control. I think it's not a problem at all."

Each business is considered for a permit on a case by case basis, but everyone will have to follow the same standard rules.

"We want all 12 establishments in compliance with the new ordinance, so they would have to have their alcohol behind rope and post, the signage, only be able to serve in plastic cups," said Community Development Director Walter Fluegel.

But there is a line as to how far you can go out onto the beach and be served. 50 feet of the beach will need to be clear for public access and 1/3 will be left untouched because of sea water levels.

"When we come here we generally try to find places that give us service and allow us to drink on the beach."

So far two businesses along Fort Myers Beach - Nemos and Gulfshore Grill - have been approved. Drinking will be permitted on March 4th.