Published: Feb 01, 2013 10:54 PM EST
Updated: Feb 01, 2013 11:34 PM EST

NAPLES, Fla - New information is revealed in a fatal hit and run. It has been more than four months since Robin Wallace, 48, was hit and killed while riding her bike on Estey Avenue. A driver has not been named, until now.

The FHP report names Jon Price as the driver and officials confirm the truck he was driving belongs to Oakes Farms in Naples.

"That guy took a piece of my heart," says John Wallace. "I want it back. Somehow, someway, he's got to give it back to me."

John has had many sleepless nights as days and months passed with no closure in his wife's hit and run.

"I've got two beautiful kids and I really love them," says John. "They miss their mom too."

The FHP report says a tire mark lead them to a truck at Oakes Farms.

Alfie Oakes, the owner of Oakes Farms, says the claims are only circumstantial and disputes his driver was involved.

Yet, these new details come just two weeks after Wallace filed a lawsuit against Oakes Farms. It claims the driver should have never been on Estey Avenue in the first place.

John Wallace's attorney David Bianchi of Miami says, "there was a sign there that clearly states no trucks over one ton and this was a truck over one ton."

Wallace says naming the driver is a step towards closure and the lawsuit is to bring attention to a bigger issue of trucks on that road. It's an issue he says needs to be solved before another life is taken too soon.

"I'm doing this for the community, my kids, but I just want them to give me my little piece of my heart back," says Wallace.

Alfie Oakes released the following written statement to WINK News: "It is the understanding of Oakes Farms, Inc., that the investigation is ongoing and therefore the final report and file are not yet complete. The Florida Highway Patrol's crash report states numerous facts and assertions about the incident, but then concludes that the FHP does not have sufficient factual information on which to base any real conclusions. Oakes Farms, Inc., reiterates that it has not been charged with any wrongdoing in the unfortunate death of Robin Wallace. Accordingly, Oakes Farms has limited information about the incident and the investigation."

The report shows price will be cited for not obeying the posted no trucks over one ton sign, but Lt. Greg Bueno with FHP says that charge has not been issued yet.

More details are expected once the Florida Highway Patrol releases the completed homicide report.