Published: Jan 28, 2013 10:38 PM EST
Updated: Jan 28, 2013 11:07 PM EST

LEE COUNTY-Fla.- "If the bill creates a path so undocumented workers who are in US can get work permits and work here legally and get licenses that will definitely boost employment in the area." said Attorney Ricardo Skerrett. But he said that comes with a cost. The bill requires undocumented workers with no criminal backgrounds to register with the government, pay a fine and all back taxes. Those who don't follow the rules could be deported.

Resident Marco Ospina said, "As an immigrant you come here to better yourself and the life of your children so for them not to be able to proceed or go to university is wrong I think."

Rsident David Blanchard said, "I am kind of a law and order type of guy that says if you done wrong there ought to be some sort of recompense."

Senator Bill Nelson supports immigration reform. He said deporting 11-million people here illegally would be unreasonable and ruin our economy. But he said for illegal immigrants to stay, they must follow the rules, pay taxes and learn English  and those, unwilling to do that, should be sent home.

Resident Jose Osto said, "We need to find a balance and what is fair and do right by those already in the country."

Skerrett doubts the bill will pass because he said tea party members that blocked the bill in 2006 still hold the voting majority. If it does pass, he says the IRS needs to create a payment program so undocumented workers can pay back the taxes that they owe over time.