Published: Jan 28, 2013 6:02 PM EST
Updated: Jan 28, 2013 6:22 PM EST

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla.- After a bad car accident on Saturday morning, Cody Dove didn't think she'd ever see her 3-month-old pitbull again. That is, until today.

Like the people in the car, the pup is a survivor, and they were reunited in the most unsuspecting way.

18-year-old Cody Dove says, "I thought he was gone, but I'm glad I got him back."

A little after midnight on Saturday, the pup joined her and five others in the car, when the 26-year-old driver lost control right near their Lehigh Acres home. The car flipped and ended up in a ditch. One passenger was thrown through the sun roof and the driver needed staples in his head.

But they couldn't find the dog anywhere. "We thought maybe the dog went out th sun roof because we couldn't find him or hear him whining around the car. And when the cops and the tow truck guys looked, they said they couldn't find him, no where to be found."

That's because the puppy was hiding underneath the car seat all weekend, with no food or water, until Joel Anderson at Lehigh Auto Body and Alley Cat Towing was making his rounds this morning.

"I heard a mild whimper and then oh my God, it's a puppy! I reached in the back window and pulled him out by his neck," Anderson says. He says he was shocked to find the dog had been in the car for so long, and immediately checked it out and gave it water.

They surprised Cody and her family when they came to get belongings out of the car this morning.

"As soon as she said the puppy, she walked out of the way and they set the puppy down and he ran right toward us."

She says she got the dog just days before the accident, and has now changed the dog's name from Rebel to Lucky.