Published: Jan 28, 2013 8:06 PM EST

The Bonita Springs Fire Department has upgraded a critical part of it's life saving equipment.

"The boat's longer, it's wider, has more storage, safer for us as the rescuers and passengers we have to bring on here," said Lt. Richard Scott

The 26-foot custom built Twin Vee is equipped to perform fire and medical calls with advanced life support equipment, once it hits the water.

We can keep all the necessary equipment on here that we need, including water rescue equipment, medical equipment, our fire pump, and our foam that goes with it," said Lt. Scott.

This twin engine, Twin Vee, is replacing the departments 22-foot Boston Whaler.

"One of things this boat is customized with is a rescue door, which gives easy access without hurting someone further."

It's thermal imaging will help fire crews spot a boat or someone in the water.

"What you see here is exactly how this would look at night which enables us to help find people, like victims in the water, or helping with navigation."

Lt. Scott said this boat is essential to station number two.

A lot of the calls we have are in the gulf, circumstances that aren't always like today, windy conditions, very rough and that's typically when people get in trouble."

This boat is expected to last the department at least 10 years.

Lieutenant Scott said the boat will be operational within three weeks. Most of the $100,000.00 cost was funded by a state grant and the trade-in value of the old boat. The district used $35,000.00 of taxpayer money to cover the remaining cost of the boat.