Published: Jan 26, 2013 2:04 PM EST
Updated: Jan 27, 2013 7:19 PM EST

NAPLES, Fl. - In Collier County, neighbors joined together to support the Douglas family.  Friends organized a community yard sale to raise funds for them.

Cars lined the street, neighbors stopped by, and and the donations poured in.

"Funds to help the family for anything Nathan might need, travelling, covering any of the funeral costs, and just kind of getting him from here to there and giving him a cushion," says Jessica Harris.

Harris helped organize the yard sale.  She's known the Douglas family for years.

"My husband works with Nathan, they're co-workers... it's very common in the FWC community, immediately you're family.

Making the loss of Cecelia, Madison and Rylee hit even closer to home.

"This is a reminder to our community, to us as individuals to be grateful for every moment that we have... ecause in a flash any of us could be in a very similar position," she adds.

While its an emotional day, Jessica says she grateful for this community's support and prays Nathan Douglas can feel it too.

"We're gonna come together and do what we can to have you're back," she adds.