Published: Jan 22, 2013 4:44 PM EST
Updated: Jan 22, 2013 7:22 PM EST

CAPE CORAL, Fla.- A Cape Coral man, fed up with a litterbug, is taking matters into his own hands. He says someone drives by his home and tosses out whiskey bottles. So now he's sending his own message on Sands Boulevard. 

"It's not Christmas. But it kind of looks like Christmas lights!" said Chuck Liptak.

7-ounce whiskey bottles, waving in the wind, are strung up like an unusual decoration. Some of them still contain a bit of brown booze. Chuck Liptak says he's found hundreds of them over time in the patch of grass he takes great care to clean up.

He believes one man is responsible: drinking them every night while on the road, driving by and tossing them out the window. "One of these nights, he might hit a child. Or an adult on a bike. I just would hope that he takes his bottles home," said Liptak. 

So, Chuck is sending a message in a bottle. Or in this case? 52 of them collected within a three week time period. They're tied to the string with zip-ties. "I just hope that this individual watches WINK news. That we are aware that he's using the median as a garbage dump," he said. 

Cape Coral police say it's illegal to litter, but told Chuck, officers would have to catch the man in action before they could fine him. The city of Cape Coral also says Chuck is breaking the rules by stringing up the whiskey bottles. But Chuck says he's doing it anyway. 

"If the city wants to crucify me, for doing this to have the safety of children? And adults? And not littering the city? Then let it be," he said.

Chuck doesn't know how long he'll keep the whiskey bottles up.