Published: Jan 19, 2013 10:41 PM EST
Updated: Jan 19, 2013 11:06 PM EST

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - A local non-profit, Cape Coral BMX, is asking for your help after thieves broke into their concession stand and stole thousands of dollars in merchandise, twice in just the past two weeks.

The track is run solely by volunteers and parents who say the sport is fun for the entire family. The riders say the sport helps keep them out of trouble and they're worried the recent break-ins will hurt their ability to host the Florida State Race scheduled this Spring.

Volunteers like Sherri Matthews says the track lost over $2,000 in concession stand merchandise.

"It hurts. It's hurting the kids, really. We don't have the funds to replenish this stuff," Matthews said.

"Our concession is our biggest money-maker for the track. It helps to pay for all the activities that the kids do here. Buys their trophies," said Thomas Lane.
17-year old Tyler Giuliano has been BMXing for five years and says the sport is his life.

"It just takes away from all the bad drive to do bad things. Instead of drinking and doing all that bad other stuff, you could be out here riding your bike," Giuliano said, "I just think it's really sad because everything is so well maintained through volunteers and the city and for people to steal from the city is wrong."

Without money for surveillance cameras the stand was closed Saturday and will stay that way until they figure out how to keep the building secure.

"We would love to find sponsors but in today's economy it's hard to find people who wants to come out and help us here at the track with funding," said Lane.
About 200 BMX riders enjoy the track It's open every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening and does depend on rider fees to stay open. If you have any information on the case call Cape Coral Police.