Published: Jan 16, 2013 6:37 PM EST
Updated: Jan 16, 2013 6:46 PM EST

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla.- A Port Charlotte man's poultry protest is getting attention. William Cornwall was forced to move his chickens out from in front of his house.

"We feel it's unjustified, we feel we should be able to keep the chickens." said William Cornwall.

William Cornwall is taking a stance because the was forced to give away his chickens.

"If there had been no complaint to the county, then the officials would have just drove by and admired our chickens."

But today, his chicken coop isn't empty, silhouettes of three chickens sit behind the wire, in what William calls a gentle protest.

"We left the coop out here because its legal, we cut out the chickens because they are legal, and it's just a work of art on wheels."

William and a team of supporters say the county ordinance isn't clear on whether he can raise chickens or not.

"I think it's time someone made a stand, have chickens or don't have chickens," said Brian Vawer.

"Goodness gracious, how is having a couple of chickens on your property hurting anyone," says Elizabeth Bailey.

Neighbors say the chickens should be the least of the county's worries.

"You drive around this area alone and people have half a boat, half a bath tub, no one's doing anything about that. He's just trying to raise a couple chickens," said Vawer.

They are also doing what they can to make light of a bad situation.

"We thought maybe cut out chickens could lay some eggs, make better of this situation," said Bailey.

But for now his real chickens have flown the coop.

We spoke to a zoning official who says people can't raise chickens in residential areas. They can only be cared for in agricultural zones.