Published: Jan 11, 2013 8:37 PM EST

FORT MYERS, Fla. - A decorating shop in Fort Myers, is using Facebook to warn fellow business owners about two thieves. The owner of Redoux Cottage, Debra Kray, says she hopes surveillance pictures will help catch the crooks.

"I was told by the Sheriff that these are professionals and they are suspects in other cases and to be really careful because they are probably identity thieves, not just using my card for the one transaction," said Kray.

The shop shop owner says two women, caught on camera at a Target, first walked into her store on December 18th and took her driver's license and credit cards right out of her purse.

"It was pretty devastating. I had to have my landlord wait for rent. I had vendors to pay. I have bills to pay and my bank account is still over drafted right now," Kray stated. 

The owner of Redoux Cottage says the thieves used her information to run up over $800 on her credit card at Target.

"They tried to use it a couple more times but it was declined, thankfully. I didn't notice right away," Kray said.

She posted the pictures on Facebook to warn others and says she hopes others take notice before they strike again.   "I have a lot of friends who are local shop owners and I wanted them to see the faces and think twice," she said.

Kray is still working with her bank to get the fraudulent credit card charges removed. The case has been transferred to the Lee County Sheriff's Economic Crimes Unit and is still under investigation.