Published: Jan 11, 2013 8:59 PM EST

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - Two good Samaritans who helped rescued a motorcyclist are talking about the rescue. The men visited Marc Clark in the hospital, where he is still in serious condition.

On Friday, they spoke to Wink News about how the community pulled together to save a life.

Fellow motorcyclist and Lehigh Acres resident Jeffey McClain says he heard the initial crash between Clark and the car Wednesday night on Alabama Road.

Lee County Deputies say Clark was laying in the road after he hit a car and fell off his bike.

He was then struck by another vehicle as it tried to turn into the Vista Palms Apartments.

"A kid came down in a white Pontiac he didn't see the guy. We watched him run over the guy," said McClain.

McClain says neighbors quickly gathered to try to save the 45-year old who was pinned underneath the vehicle.

"I started screaming, we gotta flip this car! We need to get the man out," he said.

Corey Patterson was also at the scene of the accident.

"The fella was on the ground, those people did a remarkable thing. Community came together and they moved that car," Patterson said.

Patterson and McClain say they have visited Clark at the hospital. McClain says he can relate to the injured rider.

"16-years ago on January 8th, a drunk driver ran over me and that's what all this is from. 74 breaks and fractures on the right side. I was in a coma for 6-months, it took a year and a half to walk," said McClain.

The business owner says he remembers the people who helped him and wanted to be by Clark's side.

Both men told Wink News they plan on visiting Clark at Lee Memorial Saturday morning.