Published: Jan 09, 2013 1:07 PM EST

FORT MYERS Fla.- Class is back in session at a Fort Myers Christian school, where a 27-year-old father was shot to death Monday morning. Apostolic Revival Center Christian School canceled yesterday's classes to give students and staff time to recover from the shock.

The police department says officers will be on hand today, as well as a victim's advocate to speak to students and staff. An employee with the school says all the kids have returned today and classes are going well. While Apostolic Revival Center has started to come alive again, police still search for whoever shot and killed Kristopher Smith in the school's parking lot on Monday.

Police Chief Doug Baker says he's formulating a plan to make sure this crime isn't part of another record-setting year for Fort Myers homicides, but continues to remind people that it's a joint effort between police and public.

"I still need community involvement. I still need witnesses at the end of the day. Still need people to tell me what's going on so I can go ahead and direct our resources," Chief Baker said.

"I have every intention of closing each and everyone of those cases...sending the suspects perpetrators to prison at some point," Chief Baker continued.    

He says the police department has repeatedly tried to reach out to the community and build that relationship with events. He says at the end of the month, a diagnostic team from around the country, including representatives from the Department of Justice, will be brought in to meet with city leaders and residents.