Published: Jan 08, 2013 6:54 PM EST
Updated: Jan 09, 2013 12:09 PM EST

Exactly one week ago, we spoke with Councilman, Johnny Streets, about his outlook on the violence in 2013.
Today, he says his feelings have not changed.
He is still optimistic despite yesterday's murder.

"I'm more hopeful in 2013 because people are still working to do the right thing."

Councilman Johnny Streets said last week, he remains hopeful 2013 will see less violence and today he still feels that way.

"These incidents that we are working on, I'm very confident they will subside."

Just seven days into 2013, police are investigating their first murder.
25-year-old, Kristopher Smith was shot to death outside of the Apostolic Revival Center Christian School.
Streets said people do not solve problems like they used too.

"In that there's a message, there's a message of hope that's makes us even work harder and we will prevail," says Streets.

Police Chief Doug Baker is looking to bigger cities for solutions.

"I want to see how others address violent crime, how their departments address repeat offenders, juveniles and there's been a number we looked at Boston, we looked at Los Angeles and Richmond," explained Baker.

He says he is looking at adding a foot patrol and making those convicted of a firearm violation required to check in with the police department every six months.
He says because of these policies Baltimore and Richmond have seen a reduction in violent crime.

"I still need community involvement, I still need witnesses at the end of the day," said Chief Baker.
Councilman Streets did tell us he met with City Manager William Mitchell this morning.
He cannot reveal what they discussed but says he shared some visions and strategies.
Councilman Streets says he is hopeful they will act on his suggestions.
He also looking into providing counseling to the kids inside the school at yesterday's shooting.