Published: Jan 07, 2013 5:55 PM EST
Updated: Jan 07, 2013 10:23 PM EST

ENGLEWOOD, Fl. - More access to healthcare in Charlotte County!  Monday, county leaders celebrated the re-opening of the Englewood Care Clinic.

Primary care services there stopped last year after layoffs.  Now, after seeing the needs of the Englewood community, the clinic is able to offer those services again.

"It's always slightly stressful, whatever it is, going to a health care official," says Roger Richards.

Roger Richards does not have insurance and needs treatment for high blood pressure.  He lives down the road from the Englewood Care Clinic.

"It's very handy," he adds.

But those primary care services stopped back in April after the County's Health Department cut more than 40 positions

"Just tried not to let that worry me and waited for something to happen and something went and happened," Richards adds.

Monday, county leaders celebrated the official re-opening of the primary care clinic here.  It's giving low income and uninsured residents a place to go right in Englewood instead of trying to get to Port Charlotte.

"Very few physicians or practices accept people who are on medicaid and I don't know of anyone who accepts ppl who have no health insurance," says Dianne Nugent.

Dianne Nugent with the County's Health Department says reopening this primary care option will cut down on the number of hospital visits.

"People have no other choice but to go to the ER and that's a really expensive and not usually a good way to manage chronic illnesses or anything... family practice is now back in full swing!" she says.

County Commissioners say they are applying for some grants to help fund renovations at the facility.