Published: Jan 04, 2013 10:48 PM EST
Updated: Jan 04, 2013 11:48 PM EST

NAPLES, Fla - Cameras catch the moment a Naples business owner says he was betrayed by his own employees.

Last August, a man with a gun stormed Rita's Italian Ice in Naples Plaza, just off US 41 and Golden Gate Parkway and demanded the two employees hand over all the cash.

But, police say video, text messages and inconsistent stories raised red flags that one of the victim's was actually involved. Four months later police confirmed employee Erica Bendlin was in on the whole thing.

Naples Police say surveillance video helped connect Erica Bendlin to the August robbery, an 18 year old that Jason Gibson, Rita's owner, once trusted.

"I felt betrayal. I was really disappointed. Erica was with us since we started this store here in Naples which is almost three years in April," says Gibson.

The surveillance video shows Bendlin go out the back door and walk behind a trailer. A minute later she walks back inside. You then see another employee walk outside where he's met by the suspect.

"The guy was standing by the trash can with a gun," says Alden Main, the other employee there that night. "He said be quiet, come inside and we started walking back inside and Erica was by the door, which kept it open."

You can then see the suspect point the gun at Erica as he demands she open the safe.

"She did have access to the safe and nobody would know that unless you worked for us," says Gibson.

In December, police arrested Shawndell McCann and charged him with armed robbery after they found text messages between Erica, McCann and another employee, revealing plans for the robbery and how to obtain a fake gun.

Gibson says it's, "unnerving, two of my employees had known what was going on that night."

For Gibson, the arrests bring closure, but also caution in who to hire in the future.

"It's tough seeing a kid that was smart and could have done anything she wanted throw her life down the drain like that," says Gibson.

Bendlin is not employed here at Rita's any longer. She was arrested this week and faces robbery charges. She will go before a Collier County judge at the end of the month.