Published: Jan 02, 2013 6:32 PM EST
Updated: Jan 02, 2013 6:37 PM EST

NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla.- The world is getting a 'bird's eye view' of two eagles right here in Southwest Florida, and now they have a new member of the family.

For the past few months, fans have watched the bird's nest on the internet and just last night, one of the two eggs hatched.

The eagles, Ozzie and Harriet, are taking the world by storm.

Their nest sits 60 feet up in a tree at Dick Pritchett's real estate company.

The company put up the 24-hour infrared camera in October, and it became an instant hit.

Sales associate Andrew Pritchett says,  "the power of the internet has shown obviously we've reached more than 2 million people in such a short amount of time. The positive feedback we've gotten from the community has been wonderful." He says they've gotten letters and emails from all over the country.

Pritchett never planned on being an eagle expert, but now he's hooked, just like everyone else. "We've been watching for a couple months now and waiting for this to happen so now that it has, it's really amazing that it's happening in front of us."

He says these are not just their eagles but the world's eagles and they are happy to share the experience with everyone online.

The nest also brings visitors watching from a nearby church, to catch their own glimpse of the eagles nesting, and their new addition. Some say it's like watching a pet, or a member of their own family.

A second egg is expected to hatch by Friday.

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