Published: Jan 02, 2013 5:48 PM EST
Updated: Jan 02, 2013 5:56 PM EST

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- For the first time, we are hearing the 911 calls made the night a Lee County Sheriff's Deputy shot a man last month. The Lee County Sheriff's Office says the deputy opened fire after pulling over a man who turned out to be armed. The shooting killed Thomas Kollman. The details surrounding the incident have still not been released, because the Sheriffs Office is still conducting its investigation.

Dispatch: 911 what's your emergency?

Woman: Somebody just sounded like gunfire. I live in Holiday Condo Park.

You are listening to the 911 tape of the deadly shooting involving a deputy and 48-year-old Fort Myers man, Thomas Kollman.

Dispatch: How many shots did you hear?

Woman: Um, three.

Dispatch: Three?

Woman: Three. It wasn't cracker fire either.

The shots rang out in the early morning hours of Saturday, December 15th, after a deputy attempted to pull over a suspicious vehicle. According to the Lee County Sheriff's Office, the driver, Thomas Kollman, pulled behind the ice cream parlor and when the deputy approached the vehicle and says he saw Kollman had a firearm, and that when shots were fired.

Dispatch: Did you see any suspicious vehicles approaching the neighborhood?

Woman: Oh, no. I live in the condo and the bar is on the other side of like a little field.

One of those bullets went right through the home of Jim and Joann Morris, breaking two windows, going through a wall and a microwave.

"Our house seems to be on the tour, they have all heard about the shooting and they are walking around the house and we see them pointing up at the bullet holes. It's been kind of fun actually!"

They are couple with a positive attitude.

"We cover the bullet holes with a starfish, to show we are happy to be alive, and all is well.

The Sheriff's Office is paying for 100 percent of the damages to the Morris' home.