Published: Jan 01, 2013 2:28 PM EST

The downtown Fort Myers New year's eve celebration generally went well, with a couple of hitches and complaints.   One centers on the ball drop, which once again, was late!

"Two minutes late, well maybe they wanted to give all the old people in Florida a minute or two to catch up with the new year," said Dan Linehan.   He watched the ball drop and did not realize, it was running late because of a cable snag from a fire dept. ladder truck.

"It really was a minor glitch, and most people don't come just for the ball drop.  They come for the partying and music and crowds and fireworks.   And those were all very successful.  Sometimes the ball just doesn't drop when it is supposed to," said Jason Kohn, a director of the River District Alliance, that puts on the festivities.

Some people also complained because of barriers, limiting acces to preferred seating and VIP areas.   Kuhn says the organizers had to raise money with the special seats, to help offset the 100-thousand dollar cost of the evening.